Greenwashing Post

Prompt: What does it mean to be green? What does sustainability mean and why is it important? How does being “green” help us and the environment?

Answer: To be green, according to the slides is to be environmentally friendly and most importantly it has to do with sustainability. Sustainability can be describe as maintaining the earth’s most valuable resources alive meaning using as little as we can to maintain those resources because otherwise we will run out of it or the future generations will not have those resources. Being green means being eco-friendly, conserving energy, and not using too much of what you do not need. For instance, turning off the lights when you do not need it or having the sink turned off when you’re brushing your teeth and only when you need it. Doing small things to converse resources on earth means being green and many more. Sustainability is important because if we use the resources we have now, eventually there won’t be resources left for the future generations.

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