Peer Review

The post that I chose to peer review was Greenwashing by mwalker92. I chose to do this post because they had mentioned many questions in their initial prompt that I am constantly discussing with my friends and people I work with who are very conscious about what they put into their bodies. From reading the post, I learned that media has been promoting fad diets to coincide with beauty terms to come off as an attractive life style for consumers. In addition to that, I also learned that fad diets are not always be successful for consumers because consumers can diet incorrectly and put themselves at risk for many health problems.

I think that many college students and woman (as a general group) could benefit from reading this post because diets like this are “get fit quick” kind of situations because they are eliminating the “negative” parts of their diet when in fact it might not be necessary. College students may want to read this post as well because they can view the diet as a cheap option in order to get some food in their body, when in fact it could cause them to be lacking many nutrients.

The strongest part of this contribution is where the author mentions Celiac disease. Celiac disease is not an easy immune disease to live with and I agree with the sentence where they mention, “I would not recommend it [gluten-free dieting] to any consumer that does not have Celiac disease”. Gluten free means no flour – no wheat. People who have celiac cannot process these ingredients and it can cause their body to have many health complications. I think that this point is very strong and helps to point out that being gluten free is not a fad and is not exactly necessary unless you are celiac. In contrast, the weakest part of this contribution is that there were no other fad diets mentioned in the post but they were in the prompt. I think it would be interesting to learn a bit more about the juicing fad or liquid diets to see what this author had to say.

One part that made me want to read more on this topic is the health problems that can come with each fad diet. We always here about the success stories for the diets but rarely the struggles that come with it or the problems that they can cause. I think it is important that consumers know what they are choosing to put their bodies through when they make these lifestyle changes.

On a scale of 1-4, I would rate this post a 3.5/4 overall because it touched on a personal experience and had very informed points that are beneficial to the reader.

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