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Photovoice: Final Project

I went throughout the town of Ellensburg, WA looking for alcohol advertisements that enticed me to either purchase a drink or a bottle. As a college student, I do happen to have my fair share of times when I am a consumer of different types of alcohol. I also do fall victim to the creative advertising that the bars, taverns and restaurants around town have. These places base their “happy” hour around alcohol, and what they claim to be “cheap drinks.” When you think about it, they really aren’t. How healthy IS it? Well, to break it to you simply, alcohol just is not healthy in general. The goal of happy hour is to make you believe that alcohol will make you happier, and that happiness leads to a healthy life. When, alcohol is actually a depressant and truly doesn’t make you happier at all. The choices we have are endless, which makes it even harder as a consumer to say no. If you don’t like wine, well maybe you’ll like beer and if you don’t like tequila, well maybe you’ll like vodka etc. I think a part of the problem is the giant selection of alcohol. Without all those choices there may be less people to drink and purchase the products. Another reason why it is so easy to choose alcohol over other items is the pricing compared to healthier drinks. A 16oz Kombucha, a very well know health drink, costs almost as much as an entire bottle of wine and is just a little less than half the price of a half-gallon of vodka. Why would someone purchase the Kombucha to clench their thirst when a bottle of wine is almost as cheap and can clench their thirst more than just once? This makes it clear to me that these restaurants and stores have the upper hand on the consumers. Their skills for advertising and selling such an unhealthy product is outstanding. Most people, including health conscious people, understand consuming alcohol can be detrimental to their health yet, continue to drink it. The alcohol industry and those who purchase it are not going anywhere, so I do not see a change coming anytime soon.

Taking these photos and describing exactly what I saw behind the scenes lead me to how I am feeling now. As a consumer, it will be challenging for me to purchase alcohol going forward. I have an interest and great knowledge in health and know that it is not healthy. And with my information as a consumer, I know that alcohol offers no benefit to me if purchased. The alcohol business is all about money and buying and selling. With the lack of benefit all types of alcohol offer, it is shocking that this industry is still one of the largest and wealthiest trades. With my knowledge from this course I was able to take a step back and look at what consumers see as well as what the producers are thinking behind the scene. This gave me the ability to acknowledge both sides and produce a more honest PowerPoint with captions to my photos. If someone were to be exposed to this post, they would be able to see the other side of things as well. It may help them to think twice before purchasing alcoholic beverages or participating in a happy hour. Or, possibly they will try to recreate a project like this of their own. That would help them to get behind the scenes on their own and truly see how marketing can impact what consumers view as “healthy” or attractive. For the general public, could help them to not only be more aware of alcohol advertising but other marketing schemes as well. My project could offer the public more awareness of how we are tricked into purchasing items we really should not.

Photovoice project

Peer Review

The post that I chose to peer review was Greenwashing by mwalker92. I chose to do this post because they had mentioned many questions in their initial prompt that I am constantly discussing with my friends and people I work with who are very conscious about what they put into their bodies. From reading the post, I learned that media has been promoting fad diets to coincide with beauty terms to come off as an attractive life style for consumers. In addition to that, I also learned that fad diets are not always be successful for consumers because consumers can diet incorrectly and put themselves at risk for many health problems.

I think that many college students and woman (as a general group) could benefit from reading this post because diets like this are “get fit quick” kind of situations because they are eliminating the “negative” parts of their diet when in fact it might not be necessary. College students may want to read this post as well because they can view the diet as a cheap option in order to get some food in their body, when in fact it could cause them to be lacking many nutrients.

The strongest part of this contribution is where the author mentions Celiac disease. Celiac disease is not an easy immune disease to live with and I agree with the sentence where they mention, “I would not recommend it [gluten-free dieting] to any consumer that does not have Celiac disease”. Gluten free means no flour – no wheat. People who have celiac cannot process these ingredients and it can cause their body to have many health complications. I think that this point is very strong and helps to point out that being gluten free is not a fad and is not exactly necessary unless you are celiac. In contrast, the weakest part of this contribution is that there were no other fad diets mentioned in the post but they were in the prompt. I think it would be interesting to learn a bit more about the juicing fad or liquid diets to see what this author had to say.

One part that made me want to read more on this topic is the health problems that can come with each fad diet. We always here about the success stories for the diets but rarely the struggles that come with it or the problems that they can cause. I think it is important that consumers know what they are choosing to put their bodies through when they make these lifestyle changes.

On a scale of 1-4, I would rate this post a 3.5/4 overall because it touched on a personal experience and had very informed points that are beneficial to the reader.