Prompt: Everyone at some point has wanted to lose weight for one reason or another, but what is the best way to go about this process? Many face this issue everyday, and many more look for the easy road. Many pursue fad dieting such as juicing, liquid diets, high protein diets, and many others. Have you ever tried fad dieting? If so, how did it turn out? The gluten-free fad diet has become a popular trend as of late, but is it truly healthy? Pretend a consumer has asked you about this diet, would you promote it or advise against it?

Answer: As stated in the above prompt, fad dieting has been a popular trend for a number of years. The media has consistently promoted the image of beauty as being thin to consumers. Consumers recognize this as the ideal body image and can sometimes undertake fad dieting to slim down and feel better. Many times consumers diet incorrectly and are actually putting themselves at risk for health problems down the road. As a consumer myself, I have tried my fair share of fad dieting in the past. I have tried juicing, Atkins, and even the no carb diets with minimal success. Often times I would lose the weight but the minute I strayed from the diet the weight came back immediately and usually with a few extra pounds. Fad diets have never worked well with me and I would not recommend them to other consumers. As for the gluten-free dieting I would not recommend it to any consumer that does not have Celiac disease. Celiac is a disease that makes an individual intolerant to gluten, hence the benefit of having gluten-free foods available. Often times gluten-free products ingredients are replaced with substitutes that eliminate gluten from the product, making it safe for persons with gluten intolerance to consume. Consumers should know that just because a product is gluten-free it does not mean that it is any healthier. Gluten-free dieting should not be pursued by anyone who does not require it for health reasons.

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