PUBH 209 SALG available… What’s a SALG? Read on!

Hi group – In case you’re unfamiliar with it, I use a course-specific Student Assessment of their Learning Gains (SALG) tool to give students a more meaningful opportunity to reflect on the value of a course, see what’s changed for them over time in the class, and help me support your professional preparation and academic success better.

This quarter I’ve finally been able to put my SALGs into Qualtrics (yippee me!), which will make the data even more usable and allow YOU more freedom to participate at your leisure. (Before this, I had to ask students to quickly write on a sheet and hand it back during our final session or later that day, and it sometimes got rushed or lost, etc.)

So, here’s the link. It’s anonymous, and you may feel free to keep it that way. However, the SALG allows for a productive course input opportunity and I would value knowing who’s thinking what, if you choose to add your name anywhere such as in a comment, “It’s me, Jessica, saying this…” or another way.

I appreciate your work and commitment to learning, and I am looking forward to spending time in assessing your recent work and course performance against the grading rubric.

Thanks in advance for engaging in this aspect of the course with me, and let me know if you have questions!

–Dr. P

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