Peer Review

The post I choose to peer review was “Greenwashing Prompt and Response” by Kelsey. From this contribution, I learned more about the dishonest nature of greenwashing and how items often advertised as environmentally friends are not. It would be good for environmentally conscious consumers to read this because it highlights the ethical negligence and corruption found among environmentally friendly marketing.

The strongest part of this contribution is the Simple Green product example. This company markets their products as non-toxic and biodegradable but, in reality, they are harmful to both human health and the environment. One would also think that with a name like ‘Simple Green’ the company would have eco-friendly products.

I did not notice any spelling/grammar mistakes, but it did see errors in the author’s citations. Firstly, I believe the author used MLA format for the references but APA for the in-text citations. In addition, the source (Simple Green, 2017) is incorrect as it is cited from the Environmental Working Group website. The correct citation would be (Environmental Working Group, n.d.) for APA.

One portion that made me want to read more was the information from the EWG. The site made me curious to see where products I often use fell on their rating scale.

Overall, I would give this post a 3/4. It includes some good information and is written in an interesting way. I removed one point as I do feel like the author could have developed their thoughts on how products like Simple Green cause health and environmental issues.

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