Peer review

I chose Pharma Phost Prompt 2 by morgan7 posted on 11/26/17.

  • From this contribution, I learned that Morgan did not find anything interesting about the Pharmaceutical industry and this statement caught my attention.
  • It would be good for another college student to read this article and see if this other student agrees that Morgan doesn’t mention much about other topics like Direct To Consumer(DTC).
  • The strongest part of his post is that he was being on honest about none of it make sense and it was too vague to him.
  • The weakest part of his post is that he did not mention how the web page talks about advertising direct to consumer(dtc) so they buy and try new medicines.
  • I found that not providing the name of the website he visited makes it hard to know which FDA article he read.
  • I did not find any grammatical error.
  • One part that I had to read more was to see if he mentions about what caught his attention in one of those articles.
  • On a scale 1 to 4, I would give a 2.5 as he could have talked much more about DTC and not just FDA as that was one of the main topic in those websites.  How DTC is advertised by different means and the pharmaceutical industry depends greatly on marketing.


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