Greenwashing Post

Prompt: What are somethings (in terms of consumption) that you have changed in your life to help impact the Earth? Are these decisions to be “green” or to just be a more ethical consumer?

Looking over my past, I think that I have tried to be a green consumer with most purchases that I make whether that be with food, clothing, etc. I have always been cautious about buying organic foods or knowing where my food came from because of the amount of chemicals that gets sprayed all over produce or pumped into the meat we consume. Then when I moved to Bellingham, I made the decision to stop eating meat and that made me feel better physically and it also saved a lot of money since all I was buying was vegetables and fruit. I also became better about my recycling vs. waste meaning that I became more in tune about sorting it correctly to make sure I could limit the amount of waste our household produced.

Even now, I am still a vegetarian and I am buying more plant based protein options, organic produce, organic dairy products, etc. Another small change I made was whenever I get a drink to go I try to avoid using a straw because straws are horrible for the environment when not disposed of correctly. It is not a subconscious action yet but it is something that I am trying to work on. I have also gotten my roommates (three other guys) to become better about not wasting food or producing a large amount of waste and it has been successful thus far. We have started a compost bin in our yard instead of just throwing out food and that is helping the soil become more fertile and produce more nutrients for a potential garden in the future.

I think that my decisions are both trying to be “green” and ethical because I want to do what is right for my health and others. I also think that it is better as a consumer to know where our food and products in general are coming from because as consumers we appreciate the finished product, but we do not always think about the journey of the product to get it into our homes.

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