Prompt: Go into your local supermarket that sells not only food, but household products, clothing etc. Attempt to find the section for “natural” or “organic” products around the store and identify them. Study the ingredients, purpose, and manufacturing of the products and formulate whether they are actually helpful and green towards the environment or are simply following a trend to sell to consumers.

Answer: I have noticed a trend among several food products that attempt to gear themselves towards consumers attempting to lead a healthier lifestyle. These products claim to be natural and promote well-being, but are often loaded with sugar or ingredients that are meant to appear healthy but in fact are just as unhealthy as refined sugar or processed ingredients. This makes me angry as a consumer who is seeing companies take advantage of consumers that are attempting to be healthy and improve their lives. Those who do not know better are paying more to hurt their bodies further. This is the most frightening form of greenwashing I have discovered, since it directly affects our health and bodies.

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