What does it mean to go “green”? How can you contribute to a green environment?

After reviewing the slides, I learned that greenwashing is essentially a market of products that companies sell as green in order to seem environmentally friendly. This can vary from water bottles that are made from 100% recycled plastic to organic pillowcases or recycled paper.

Going green is ideally growing to become more environmentally friendly through our everyday choices. That being said, you can contribute to a green environment by taking the bus or walking; recycling rather than just throwing everything in the trash, or using reusable bags when you go grocery shopping instead of plastic bags. By also investing in a water filtration system and a hydro flask it can help save the environment long-term even though the initial costs can be expensive.

Helping the environment is like saving pocket change, it may not seem like much at the time but in the end, it adds up quickly.

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