Green Washing Post

Prompt: Do you believe CWU is a green/eco friendly campus? What are improvements the university can make to create a greener campus? What measures can students take to be greener on campus?

After reading the greenwashing slides, I struggled to find a unique prompt to discuss but I went to campus to study and the prompt hit me. Do I believe CWU is a green campus? Somewhat. I believe that Central works hard to be sustainable and promote eco-friendly ideas but I believe the school could do more. Currently the school has recycling bins, Zip Car spots (Zip Cars are cars that people share using an app), and even offers a sustainability major. Though these may seem like major accomplishments, CWU also has some downfalls when it comes to being green. The marketplace in the SURC uses paper plates to serve food and most of these end up being thrown away rather than recycled. If the marketplace switched to plastic baskets or regular plates  for students eating in the SURC, the paper waste would drop. CWU could also try to create sustainable housing. Humboldt State University has some residence halls/homes that are sustainable. Simple and not simple changes could create a greener campus environment at CWU. I believe that students can also be more conscious of green ideas on campus. Students eating in the SURC can ask for regular plates rather than paper and can use refillable water bottles since the SURC has fill stations at the water fountains now. If CWU students chose to make simple changes such as reusable water bottles and asking for reusable dishware when dining in the SURC, Central could become greener through a grassroots style movement, bottom up rather than top down.

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