Glossary Post 5

Nowadays, we see promotions everywhere about going green, saving the earth, to recycle, and purchase organic foods. We have solar powered buildings and electric cars. Green is the movement to purchase and use sustainable, environmentally friendly, and reusable products and services. I thought this was important to know because I feel like a lot of people and kids think that going green is just recycling more. Another word that relates to green is sustainability. It is the capability to be maintained at a certain level that meets the needs of the present without affecting the needs of the future. Examples of sustainability is solar energy because they don’t use any gases, and reducing water usage. LOHAS is also a new term to me, which stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. LOHAS is a trend that pretty much mean you are going green, and living green. People who are LOHAS buy and use organic products, use hybrid or electric cars, have energy efficient appliances, and practice alternative medicine.

  • Green: sustainable, environmentally friendly, responsible products and services
  • Sustainability: meeting the needs of the present without affecting the needs of future generations
  • LOHAS: trend/movement of going green

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