Glossary Post 4

Food Culture

Food Environment

Eating Patterns 

Food culture is a lot of things. It is how you grew up eating. It is how you grew up shopping. it is also what has been available to you most of your life. It is how the people around you cook. All of these things have taught you how to feed yourself when you grew up. It is hard to break routine and cravings, and sometimes that is not always necessary. Moderation and balance is what is necessary. We all have the comfort food that makes us think of home. But if that food isn’t the best for you health, it doesn’t mean it needs to go, you just means you have to make room for things better for you.

Food Environment is Schedules, Work/school places, Living situations, Neighborhoods, Finances, Social influences, Politics,  and Industry. All of these things can effect your behavior, your internal stress and time management. All of these things can have a huge effect on the weight management and diet. If you can take control of your life in one or more of these aspects, it could help a lot with  your diet and health outcome.

Eating patterns can be effected by Preference, Habit/Tradition, Social pressure, Availability, Convenience and Economy and more. These things are not as changeable, but can we worked around with some effort. Being aware of what you have and what you can work with can effect your outcome when it comes to diet and health changes. Even the smallest change can make a difference.

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