Glossary Post 4

While reading through the FDA’s website about prescription drug advertising, I came across a lot of new things that I didn’t know about before on drug advertisements. The FDA stands for the Food and Drug Administration, who is responsible for ensuring the safety of drugs, medical products and devices, cosmetics, tobacco, and food. The FDA also helps public health by spending money for innovations to make medical products safer, more effective and affordable. The FDA label is something I see everywhere, but I wasn’t sure what they did. Another word that was new to me was direct-to-consumer advertising, which are ads published in magazines, newspapers, or commercials that is targeted towards the general audience. These advertisements are different than ones that are in pamphlets and brochures that are given to you at the doctor’s office. This was new to me, because I never gave into thought the types of prescription drug promotion and advertising. With every type of drug ad we see, whether in a TV commercial, or in a magazine, they always show the benefits and risks of taking the drug. There’s a law called fair balance that requires ads to also show the drugs most important risks when they show the benefits.

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA): responsible for the safety of human and veterinary drugs, products, medical device, food, and cosmetics
  • Direct-to-consumer advertising: a new area of prescription drug promotion in magazines, commercials, or newspapers targeted towards the general audience
  • Fair balance: law that requires ads to show not only benefits of the drug, but also the most important risks

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