Glossary Post 3

Moral obligation and self-identity

Theory of Planned Behavior

sustainable consumers

Moral obligation and self-identity- the process of knowing what we should do vs. how we view or want to view ourselves. This process is being aware of yourself and the changes that need to be done. What will allow people to fully make that change. What is the biggest barrier people face when they know what they should be doing? The first step is to acknowledge it, then the second step is to make an attempt.

Theory of planned behavior is the constructs of attitudes, subjective norms, perceived behavioral control, & intention. This entails that there might be a relationship between the outcomes of peoples actions and the reality of their behaviors, intentions, norms and attitudes. If we cab improve a persons attitude and behavioral control, could that have an effect on their willingness participate in a desired action.

Sustainable consumers is a term that implies that a person is willing to meet their own needs, but does not lose sight of the needs of others in the long-term. There can be a balance. If people made conscious decisions that would positively impact not only themselves in the future, but others too, i believe that their would be a lot less stress and concern in peoples lives.


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