Glossary Post 2

New Drug Application (NDA)


Patent Protection and Generics 

New Drug Applications a generally only used for “Me too” drugs. Me too drugs are generic and cheaper drugs that are very similar to the original.  This will often result in no benefits to the consumer, in fact it raises prices even higher. at a public health stand point, we have to wonder who has the patients best interest in mind. we want people to take care of their bodies, but how can we encourage those who can’t afford it?

DTC ads stands for direct to consumer ads. DTC ads are advertisements for pharmaceuticals.  The FDA as set standards for DTC ads, stating what they must state about their product. It is easy to attract consumers through commercial advertising, so it is important to be as honest as possible. Those who show interest in drugs they learned about through DTC ads have the right to know what they taking and what they might be risking. Those who fallow through with these interests should be advised to consult with their medical provider.

Patent drugs are drugs that are claimed by license or right during the development process. No one else can sell a drug like it until the patent expires. After this happens, other manufactures can apply to sell its generic. Patents often allow for higher prices. this brings up an initial issues of whether or not the right intention is there.

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