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Glossary Post 4

Food Culture

Food Environment

Eating Patterns 

Food culture is a lot of things. It is how you grew up eating. It is how you grew up shopping. it is also what has been available to you most of your life. It is how the people around you cook. All of these things have taught you how to feed yourself when you grew up. It is hard to break routine and cravings, and sometimes that is not always necessary. Moderation and balance is what is necessary. We all have the comfort food that makes us think of home. But if that food isn’t the best for you health, it doesn’t mean it needs to go, you just means you have to make room for things better for you.

Food Environment is Schedules, Work/school places, Living situations, Neighborhoods, Finances, Social influences, Politics,  and Industry. All of these things can effect your behavior, your internal stress and time management. All of these things can have a huge effect on the weight management and diet. If you can take control of your life in one or more of these aspects, it could help a lot with  your diet and health outcome.

Eating patterns can be effected by Preference, Habit/Tradition, Social pressure, Availability, Convenience and Economy and more. These things are not as changeable, but can we worked around with some effort. Being aware of what you have and what you can work with can effect your outcome when it comes to diet and health changes. Even the smallest change can make a difference.

Glossary Post 3

Moral obligation and self-identity

Theory of Planned Behavior

sustainable consumers

Moral obligation and self-identity- the process of knowing what we should do vs. how we view or want to view ourselves. This process is being aware of yourself and the changes that need to be done. What will allow people to fully make that change. What is the biggest barrier people face when they know what they should be doing? The first step is to acknowledge it, then the second step is to make an attempt.

Theory of planned behavior is the constructs of attitudes, subjective norms, perceived behavioral control, & intention. This entails that there might be a relationship between the outcomes of peoples actions and the reality of their behaviors, intentions, norms and attitudes. If we cab improve a persons attitude and behavioral control, could that have an effect on their willingness participate in a desired action.

Sustainable consumers is a term that implies that a person is willing to meet their own needs, but does not lose sight of the needs of others in the long-term. There can be a balance. If people made conscious decisions that would positively impact not only themselves in the future, but others too, i believe that their would be a lot less stress and concern in peoples lives.


Glossary Post 2

New Drug Application (NDA)


Patent Protection and Generics 

New Drug Applications a generally only used for “Me too” drugs. Me too drugs are generic and cheaper drugs that are very similar to the original.  This will often result in no benefits to the consumer, in fact it raises prices even higher. at a public health stand point, we have to wonder who has the patients best interest in mind. we want people to take care of their bodies, but how can we encourage those who can’t afford it?

DTC ads stands for direct to consumer ads. DTC ads are advertisements for pharmaceuticals.  The FDA as set standards for DTC ads, stating what they must state about their product. It is easy to attract consumers through commercial advertising, so it is important to be as honest as possible. Those who show interest in drugs they learned about through DTC ads have the right to know what they taking and what they might be risking. Those who fallow through with these interests should be advised to consult with their medical provider.

Patent drugs are drugs that are claimed by license or right during the development process. No one else can sell a drug like it until the patent expires. After this happens, other manufactures can apply to sell its generic. Patents often allow for higher prices. this brings up an initial issues of whether or not the right intention is there.

Glossary Post 5

Nowadays, we see promotions everywhere about going green, saving the earth, to recycle, and purchase organic foods. We have solar powered buildings and electric cars. Green is the movement to purchase and use sustainable, environmentally friendly, and reusable products and services. I thought this was important to know because I feel like a lot of people and kids think that going green is just recycling more. Another word that relates to green is sustainability. It is the capability to be maintained at a certain level that meets the needs of the present without affecting the needs of the future. Examples of sustainability is solar energy because they don’t use any gases, and reducing water usage. LOHAS is also a new term to me, which stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. LOHAS is a trend that pretty much mean you are going green, and living green. People who are LOHAS buy and use organic products, use hybrid or electric cars, have energy efficient appliances, and practice alternative medicine.

  • Green: sustainable, environmentally friendly, responsible products and services
  • Sustainability: meeting the needs of the present without affecting the needs of future generations
  • LOHAS: trend/movement of going green

Glossary Post 4

While reading through the FDA’s website about prescription drug advertising, I came across a lot of new things that I didn’t know about before on drug advertisements. The FDA stands for the Food and Drug Administration, who is responsible for ensuring the safety of drugs, medical products and devices, cosmetics, tobacco, and food. The FDA also helps public health by spending money for innovations to make medical products safer, more effective and affordable. The FDA label is something I see everywhere, but I wasn’t sure what they did. Another word that was new to me was direct-to-consumer advertising, which are ads published in magazines, newspapers, or commercials that is targeted towards the general audience. These advertisements are different than ones that are in pamphlets and brochures that are given to you at the doctor’s office. This was new to me, because I never gave into thought the types of prescription drug promotion and advertising. With every type of drug ad we see, whether in a TV commercial, or in a magazine, they always show the benefits and risks of taking the drug. There’s a law called fair balance that requires ads to also show the drugs most important risks when they show the benefits.

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA): responsible for the safety of human and veterinary drugs, products, medical device, food, and cosmetics
  • Direct-to-consumer advertising: a new area of prescription drug promotion in magazines, commercials, or newspapers targeted towards the general audience
  • Fair balance: law that requires ads to show not only benefits of the drug, but also the most important risks