So, people greenwash.

Marketers take it into their hands to make sure you KNOW or think their product is environmentally friendly – when in reality, it may or may not be.

I know, this may come to a shock to you – that certain plastics, say the one’s on Dasani bottles aren’t good for the environment. Just because they’re MADE of recyclable materials doesn’t mean that they’re good for the environment – plastic bottles cost more water in the world than the actual water that is inside them.

I’ll even call out a company I’m a fan of for this – I like Lush cosmetics a lot, a brand of skincare and bath items. They have signature black pots embossed with a logo thats says if you bring in 5 of their pots, you get a free face mask so they’re able to recycle these pots. Not only does this create clutter in your own home (I have a pot of Snow Fairy and Turkish Delight taking up room in my small room), but it’s also a ploy to get you into the Lush store. I’ll always pick something up other than the free mask, without fail.

Recognize these ploys – doesn’t mean you can’t participate, just know.

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