Greenwashing Post

Do you do anything to reduce your environmental footprint?

How can you improve/reduce your environmental impact?

There are things that I do that are helpful to the planet, even if they do not completely reduce my environmental footprint. This includes taking public transportation to school and recycling my plastic water bottles. However, I am not very good about reducing my environmental footprint overall. I do things that are harmful to the planet when there are other greener alternatives. I buy fast food or go to a restaurant and that food tends to be wrapped up in paper, foil, or it is placed in cardboard boxes, or Styrofoam containers. I don’t shop online often, but I do sometimes. My environmental impact increases with the transportation that is used to bring me those products. I also use harmful cleaning products to clean around my house, even though there are alternatives, and I use plastic bags in the grocery store.

Many of these things are easy fixes, all I have to do is make them a habit and I would be more green. I can take my own canvas bags to the grocery store rather than using the plastic bags provided. I can eat more at home rather than go out so much to reduce the amount of packaging that is thrown away, and I can mix up natural products to clean, like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon instead of using cleaning products that are harmful to the environment. Shopping physically in the stores also prevents the need for transportation to bring me my products. It is important to have sustainable habits so that we do not further harm the planet for future generation.

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