Greenwashing Post

What are some ways you go “green?” How can you share this information with others?

Some ways I go green is I make sure I recycle for as a start. A lot of waste ends up in the sea and ruins animal lives from eating all of our junk. Another way I recycle is making sure I use a canister for water rather than buy a case of plastic water bottles. This would cut down on the plastic being thrown away and can be a huge money saver. I also cut down on plastic by using my own bags for groceries instead of using the plastic bags the stores gives us. I could share this information with family and friends about this information by explaining how much of a waste it is to use plastic water bottles and possibly convert them into using canisters as well. I can also show them where to find their own grocery bags for when they go grocery shopping so that they can use those instead of throwing away the plastic bags they get from the grocery stores.

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