Greenwashing Post

I am a very environmentally conscientious person and have no problem lessening the impact on landfills.   Like it says on the Greenwashing slides, unless you become the woman who is carrying bunch of branches for fire, one can only lessen the impact as it is kind of too late.  Okay so I’ll explain in the next paragraphs how I do that and how I even learned that my carbon footprint was pretty low.

My big part of contribution to the environment is reducing my personal trash that go into the landfill, and I recycle everything I can.   What I cannot throw in my curbside recycle tote such as plastic grocery bags and glass, I take it to the dumpsite for all colored glass products.   The grocery bags go back for recycle like at a grocery store.   I don’t get that many bags since I use cloth bags for shopping.   I also use only environmentally friendly products and tend to use baking soda and distilled vinegar as they have so many uses.   All of my hygiene products are green products.  I think green with everything I do; it just makes me feel better and my place smells good too.  I use essential oils too for different purposes.

Companies have come long ways but we still need to read the ingredients and keep learning about harmful chemicals that are used in our households.   I have receptacle set up for recycling so I can throw my mixed recycling materials from cooking and going through my mails.   I also throw all of my produce scraps into compost bin so these don’t go in trash either.  I only get trash picked up every two weeks; this is how low my volume is.  But I know so many others who throw everything into the trash can because these people do not want to form good habits.   It is not that hard; we’re all tired but just need to make it a habit and convenient to separate it as you getting rid of stuff.

I would like to share one green event I went to at WA convention center in Seattle.   It was Green something; it has been a few years so I forgot the exact title.   There, I learned that I only needed to get an electric vehicle if I can but when my carbon footprint was calculated, it turned out to be pretty good.   It made me feel so good.  If we can prevent further global warming then it will be beneficial for the younger generations.

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