Glossary Building 5

From the Greenwashing slides provided in the course content slides has provided 3 words I think have a variety of meanings. What is it to be ethical? We see in consumer health that being ethical can be buying products that are healthy or may not be wasted and hurting our environment. Plus, we can see in sociology, such as doing ethnography can have ethical as a key term such as either being ethical in collecting data or unethical by being too involved in the study. Social impact can have a bit of a twist as well. In consumer health what kind of social impact do we cause when we buy certain things? We could cause a norm to products helping companies establish themselves, or do we as an individual cause a social impact when we do something that is deviant to our society and be considered as an outsider. Self-identity can be seen as how do we identify ourselves as a consumer? We may buy certain things that represent us as either healthy, budget-friendly, or just random and going for what we’re craving. Self-identity can also show how do we identify ourselves in society? A hard worker, husband, mother, or college student at Central Washington University

  • Ethical
  • Social Impact
  • Self-Identity


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