GB #5

For this last glossary building, I checked out the Green Washing slides & Pharmaceutical slides and I found some terms that I thought were important to understand. I took geology and geography classes in a community college where I learned about this “green” topic. In both of these classes, my professors discussed about sustainability a lot. They discussed about the environment and how humans are affecting the environment everyday without realizing the great effect their actions have on the environment. Most of my professors were very passionate and caring about the environment. I learned a lot and now I am more aware about my actions to the environment. I like to think that I am someone who cares about the environment. However, many of us can say that we care about our environment but probably end up hurting the environment without being aware.

One of the main term that I found on the slide was the term sustainability and I think it is important to understand and what it really means. Sustainability means taking care of our resources and not wasting resources too fast. It means that our needs are met but also without making it difficult to meet future generations needs according to the slide. We have to watch out and not be careless about the future generations needs. From the pharmaceutical slides, I found Me-toos which I did not know what it was. According to the slides and other articles I read, Me-toos are either cheaper or expensive drugs that are similar to pre-existing drugs. Consumers may pay more for little benefit according to the slides. Me-toos drugs can be positive and negative. I also did a bit of research about the DTC ads. DTC stands for Direct to Consumer ads and this have to do with prescription drugs advertisement on TV, internet, magazines, and newspapers. According to the PowerPoint slides and other articles I read, only New Zealand and U.S. allow this. The problem with this is that it does not really advertise the effects of taking those drugs. Of course because they want people to buy it. It is economically driven rather than to inform the people.

  • Sustainability: “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” from GreenWashing Slides
  • Me-toos: Drugs that are similar to existing drugs and either cheaper or more higher costs to consumers with not much benefit
  • Direct to Consumer ads: Drugs being advertised on internet, TV, newspapers, etc. It is economically driven rather than informing people about the side effects

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