Glossary Building Post # 5

Glossary Terms:

  • Ghost Writing
  • Drug Marketing
  • Unapproved drugs

When a consumer needs consultation on a health matter then they are likely to go to their doctor who will likely prescribe the consumer a pharmaceutical to solve their health matter. Consumers ae meant to trust their doctors, but what many consumers do not know is that doctors can be paid to prescribe or promote certain medications. This practice is known as drug marketing. Drug marketing is when drug companies provide perks to doctors such as free food, pay bonuses, and other such incentives to promote doctors to prescribe certain drugs. Drug companies will spend more on marketing than anything else to help promote drug sales. Consumers should be aware of drug marketing and look into drugs before simply agreeing to take them. Consumers should also investigate if their doctor is receiving incentives from drug companies to promote certain pharmaceuticals. Ghost writing is another issue that consumers should be aware of. Medical ghost writers assist physicians and scientists in preparing articles for medical journals. Ghost writers are beneficial in helping busy researchers get articles done in a timely manner allowing the researchers to get back to experimenting quicker. The issue with this practice is that often times drug facts are not always truthful, bad effects can be glossed over or phrased to make them look like they are miniscule or unrelated to the drug at all. Consumers should pay attention to drug details and look closely into effects tied in with pharmaceuticals before taking them. Unapproved drugs have also become an issue that consumers should be aware of. The FDA is meant to regulate drugs by approving the ones that are safe and effective for consumers, but not all marketed over the counter drugs have received FDA approval. This could pose a serious health concern that consumers should know of. Consumers should always check that what they are being prescribed or taking FDA approved pharmaceutical products to ensure that what they are taking is actually safe.


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