Prescriptions & Pharmaceuticals

When you’re accessing the prescription drug advertising portion of the FDA’s website, one thing we can be thankful for is that it at least lets people know what their drug ads should contain, and how they should be approached. While it doesn’t give the rundown of drug advertising history, or let people know that they exist in one of two developed countries that allows it, or the reasoning behind it. (We’re talking donations from the pharmaceutical industry to politicians, under the guise of ‘consumer-driven’ medicine, but that’s a story for another time. PR has a lot to do with how things are spun and advertised, even within the political realm, so I feel my background here can actually help in some way!)

One of the most useful things, and I would argue to be the most beneficial for consumer protection, is the glossary of terms that comes with the territory – I feel as if it’s a great tool for people to have in their hands, as is provides an extensive reach of information for people in an organized way.

By organizing it into alphabetical order, people are able to seek out the information they need, and are able to effectively identify what they need to be aware of – they are able to utilize it as an index or a glossary in a book, and can be on active alert for buzzwords that may or may not pertain to their particular case. It gives a reasonable explanation for various terms, especially as the terminology isn’t in everybody’s wheelhouse.

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