Greenwashing Prompt and Response

Prompt: In your own words, define what greenwashing means. Thinking back, have you ever purchased something you believed was helping the environment that you later found out was not? Explain what you think would be a better alternative to this item that could actually help the environment.

Answer: Greenwashing is a term that is used when a company promotes green living, or environmentally friendly products and practices however, does not actually help the environment in any way (Staff, 2007). This is something I was not aware of until this quarter where I briefly learned about it in another class. Ethically speaking, this is so wrong. In my opinion, companies should be true to what they preach and produce. I do not think it is fair to lie to consumers and customers about anything regarding the company. It is concerning that greenwashing is allowed, or that any dishonesty is legal.

I am, or was, a huge supporter of Simple Green products. My mom has bought them for awhile and I starter to purchase them to clean my own home once I moved out. Come to find out, Simple Green is simply not green or environmentally friendly as they claim. The company states their products are “non-toxic” and “biodegradable” however, they are full of toxic chemicals harmful to not only the earth but humans as well (Michael, 2015). One of the ingredients used irritates eyes and damages red blood cells if absorbed through the skin, which is easy to do when cleaning with your hands (Michael, 2015). The ingredients are not specific in the colors use in this product, which is why it scores an F on EWG’s website (Simple Green, 2017). It has also been noted that certain components of the products may lead to cancer (Simple Green, 2017). With all of this knowledge I am now aware of, I will not be purchasing these products any longer.


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