Glossary Post 4

The pharmaceutical industry is one that I am not very familiar with so I am thankful that it is one of our weekly topics. Through all of the readings and additional research, I had come across a few words that I was not very familiar with.

The prompt for this topic was about DTCs or Direct-to-Consumer Advertising. DTCs are advertisements created by any major company that is viewed by the consumer on some form of technology. It is aimed specifically at the patient rather than healthcare personnel. It is the main form of advertisement for pharmaceutical companies because it promotes an immediate response from the consumer. The FDA, or food and drug administration is responsible for the regulation on DTC ads.

The second word that I came across was Geriatrics. In medical terms, geriatric is the focus on health care of elderly people. There are specific physicians for this group of people however, it is also determined on the patient’s health needs. This field of study is important because it works toward promoting proper health care for older people.

The third word that was new to my vocabulary is pharmacology. Pharmacology, different than pharmacy, is a specific science about how drugs react to systems in the body and how the body responds to the drug. This field of study incorporates chemical properties of the drugs, biological effects and therapeutic use of the drug themselves. This field is also useful in any medical discipline.

  • DTC (Direct to Consumer) Advertising: a form of marketing promotion that is aimed toward the end patient rather than healthcare professionals.
  • Geriatrics: a specialty that focuses on health care of elderly people; aims to promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in older adults.
  • Pharmacology: science of how drugs act on biological systems and how the body responds to the drug.



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