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Pharmaceutical Industry Prompt 2

One of the links that I found relevant an interesting on the FDA website about Prescription Drug Advertising is on the “Basics of Drug Ads.” Drug ads are so common nowadays in commercials on TV and radio, magazines, and websites. This page was informative on the different types of drug ads such as Reminder Advertisements, Help-Seeking, and Product Claim Promotional. I found this helpful and consumer friendly because now that I think about the different drug advertisements I’ve seen, I know now what the specific goal of the ads are. This page also went over the difference between prescription drugs, and over-the-counter drugs which is important to know because prescription drugs are ones where medical professionals control how much and what they give the patient because it can be dangerous for a patient to just take the drug however they want to.

Consumers might still be at risk because billions of dollars are spent in the pharmaceutical industry, but some drugs are not proven to be that effective. For example, there is a debate on whether or not antidepressants work. I see new commercials for antidepressants often and that controversy on if they are effective or not come to mind.


I will be doing my project on Cosmetics.

The comparison will be about  natural make-up vs. synthetic cosmetics.  I plan to cover the following questions.


  • “What choice/s do I have?”
  • “Do I really know what I need to to make a healthy choice?”
  • “Who’s selling me what?”
  • “Why is it so difficult to be healthy/easy to be unhealthy?”

I am choosing this topic because it is important for me as far as what goes on my skin and is just as important as what goes in my skin through nutrition and supplements.


Photovoice part 1

For my idea, I am considering choosing a topic relating to the Health Care section we learned about earlier in the class. For my topic, I’d like to explore health insurance and it’s relation to consumers paying for pre-hospital (ambulances) and hospital care. With many changes being made by the U.S. government recently, I have seen an increase in patients being concerned about how they will pay for the ambulance ride they are about to receive. I’d like to explore consumer’s options when it comes to the bill they are faced with after a hospital visit or being transported via ambulance to the hospital. There are several different types of insurance, but most people are on basic Medicare/aid and I’d like to research how that relates to what consumers are forced to spend on that insurance and possible alternatives.

Photovoice #1

For this project, I am considering looking at supplements (commonly referred to as vitamins). Supplements are available at a wide variety of stores across the US and advertise that they assist with various medical conditions. Many people do not know how to properly use supplements or even what to use in the first place. In addition, the quality of research varies from a supplement to supplement. I would photograph different products and aisles at stores for this project. I want to look at the standards, regulations, labeling, and marketing of supplement products by asking the questions:

  • How healthy is it?
  • Why is it so difficult to be healthy?
  • Do I really know what I need to make a healthy choice?
  • What is the typical discourse about this and similar products/services?