Pharmaceutical Industry Prompts/Prompt Two

Direct To Consumers (DTC) is one of the big ways the Pharmaceutical Industry gets people to be aware of their new drugs.   This is done majority of the time through television and probably the Internet also.  DTC striked my attention as I never thought about pharmaceutical advertising since I am not taking any prescription drugs and hope to stay that way.    The following pie chart shows all different ways that a drug(s) is marketed.



The following is another example from the World Health Organization (WHO) which caught my attention as I never thought about endorsers as being actors.   I probably don’t recognize all the actors as I do not watch much television.  “In the USA, Democrats in the United States Congress challenged the industry’s use of direct-to-consumer advertising in January 2008, when Congress announced an investigation of several advertisements including the one featuring Robert Jarvik rowing a boat for Pfizer’s cholesterol-lowering Lipitor. A month later Pfizer pulled the ad and Pfizer’s president of worldwide pharmaceutical operations, Ian Read, expressed regret about people getting the wrong impression. Ten months later the pharmaceutical industry announced that it was updating its voluntary standards for direct-to-consumer advertising. It pledged to stop using actors to play doctors, and to make sure endorsers who said they had used a particular drug had actually done so.”

I agree that the endorser who has actually used the drug should advertise so they can talk about their actual experience and this would definitely be consumer friendly.  People would appreciate the advertisements more and possibly use this particular drug also.


Consumers are still at risk because the following title and example about how much is spent in advertising; I think this is one of the big reasons: “Persuading the Prescribers: Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing and its Influence on Physicians and Patients.   In 2012, the pharmaceutical industry spent more than $27 billion on drug promotion— more than $24 billion on marketing to physicians and over $3 billion on advertising to consumers (mainly through television commercials).  This approach is designed to promote drug companies’ products by influencing doctors’ prescribing practices.”


The links through the slides page also mentions that once patent period is gone; other companies make generic form that drug.   This is also in debate though it saves consumers monies who cannot afford expensive drugs.

So in my opinion, if you eat mostly plant-based diet from the time you are young, you can avoid so much of the drug taking.   Of course, along with exercise, limiting processed foods, and junk foods even if they are plant based ingredients.   Many of my friends have changed their diet so can other people.

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