Glossary Post #5

Being that I am one week away (wow it sure did come fast) from being a new parent, I have learned so much from the consumer standpoint both independently, and from this class. From this class, reading the many parent articles that were presented I learned more and more that I hadn’t even considered before. For starters, the VBAC ban. Do you know/remember what VBAC even means? Well, let me tell you. VBAC is an acronym and it stands for “vaginal birth after caesarean”. Pair that with ban and you get, vaginal birth after caesarean ban. Wow. A ban? On vaginal birth? Huh??? I didn’t realize that it would be up to the doctor to decide if a woman (the consumer in this case) would be allowed to have her second or maybe even third child vaginally or not. How fair is that? When reading in the articles about why there were bans against vaginal birth after a C-section, it still didn’t make much sense. What it mostly said was that doctors didn’t want to take the risk of a vaginal birth. The body is an incredible entity, how would anyone know of the risks if there is a ban on vaginal birth? The most natural way for birth. Luckily, there are more options than just a doctor available to new parents for birthing options. A midwife! Not my own personal choice this time, but many couples or singles (whatever is occurring) decide to go with a midwife. Typically, a woman, who is either a nurse practitioner, a nurse, or something of the sort, who works in her own dwelling and provides prenatal care and assists in the birthing of babies. This option is one that is available and it seems to be the less “harsh” way of giving birth, compared to a hospital. Many people get scared and feel restricted in a hospital, so a midwife is a better option for them. In these cases, it is possible that the consumers are more carefully considered and their wishes are more tended to. The midwife has learned her own ways to aid in the birthing and to make it calming and natural as possible. Birth is beautiful (or so I’ve been told) and to be told what you as the parents, can or cannot do, it is very frustrating. This is a time that is special! And being restricted to second and third, etc. pregnancies with a VBAC ban, it’s unfair to already have that decision made when the risk may not even be there anymore.

Parents: “a father or a mother

VBAC ban: ” a stop to vaginal birth after caesarean”

Midwife: “a person trained to assist women in childbirth.” (n.d.). Retrieved November 20, 2017, from

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