Illness & Mortality

After visiting a few of the provided websites, there was one specifically that stood out to me; it was the state agency website with information about aging in place – DSHS: Aging and Long-Term Support Administration.

Reading through the information on this website with the eyes of an uninformed consumer was easy for this post because this is not something I have to ever think about.

When you first arrive to the website, the title is at the top centered, Services that help an adult remain at home. All of the categories and subcategories are in a different color (blue) and a larger font than the rest of the information making it easy to navigate through and find what you’re looking for without reading paragraphs at a time. There are also great informational videos and reference numbers to call if you have further questions (right hand side gray box – at least 5). While all of the links provided are very helpful, an older person navigating through the website might have a more difficult time keeping track of all of the information and different webpages.

Overall, I think that this website has great useful information. It’s clear, concise and every category is relevant to the subject on aging in place.

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