Illness and Mortality: Prompt 1

I found the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) site to be very helpful. There was a page on there called, “Getting Started.” It includes a “What You Need to Know” section. This section included things like explaining the basics of finding adult care, what that includes, and the types of care that are available. There are resources within the website that are helpful to people as it provides links to other pages with more information and has a phone number for people who may want to call in with further questions. Besides the getting started page there is a “Medicaid” and “Long Term Care Housing” page that explains what Medicaid is and how it applies to residential care facilities. The latter page explains the different types of adult care that are available ranging from nursing homes to assisted living facilities to retirement communities, and explains what each of them mean.

Overall, I believe the DSHS website was helpful because it explains all of the terms found within it and how it applies to the subject that is being addressed. My only complaint is that people may get lost in the various pages provided and the links within the pages themselves. However, there is a phone number provided along with the times that people can call in case anyone has further questions.


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