Food post Prompt One

I want to start off by stating that I had vague knowledge about the importance of not exceeding the recommended daily intake for added sugar. However, after reading some of the food matters resources now I have a better understanding about the added sugar daily intake recommendations which are 25g for women,38 g for men and 12-25g for children. In addition I am aware of the reason  why we should not exceed these recommendations. Also, I learned that there are at least 61different names for sugar listed on food labels and how this sugar is in most packaged foods sold in supermarket. However, the most important information is that added sugar is hiding in foods that we consider to be healthy such as energy bars, yogurt since manufacturers are not required to say whether the total  sugar includes added sugar. Making it very difficult to know how much added sugar we are consuming. Therefore it is very important for us as consumers to  know how Making healthy food decisions requires having complete information on the food label. When sugars are hidden in most packaged foods, it’s a difficult choice to make. I believe this information is extremely important for everyone to know and as a result I would definitely share this information with my family, friends and those in my community. Because knowing this information can help us make healthier choices.

Policies decisions that can have an effect peoples choices and health outcomes around food labeling  is the having FDA include more information in labels specifically with the recommendations on the added sugar that is safe to consume. This would be a policy decision that can have positive effect on the choices and health outcomes of an individual. However there are other policies that fail to address the public health risk about consuming large amounts of added sugars. Since food and beverage manufacturers along with industry supported organizations such as trade association, front groups, and public relations firms have actively sought to deceive the public and ensure that we continue to consume large amounts of sugar, this is due to through some of the same tactics employed by the tobacco industry, sugar interests from various sectors have intentionally worked to interfere with the science that links consumption of added sugars to adverse health effect by attacking the science and spreading misinformation. Sugar interest have attempted to influence policy in the direction of continued high consumption of sugar by American.

Also, I found very important to know that there solutions are possible and there are various initiatives being developed and implemented in many places across the country. For example communities an d decision makers need to adopt policies that stand up against political and corporate influence and are informed by the scientific evidence demonstrating the harmful health impacts of added sugar. And having sugar interests held accountable by scientific and public health experts, investors, decision makers, the media, and the  public for their efforts to obscure the science on sugar and its detrimental health effects. Also, communities should be empowered to make democratic decisions about their food systems and public health.

Even though more than half Americans say they already have enough information at restaurants to decide whether they are making healthy choices I assume there are quite a few people that have at least basic knowledge about food labels and nutrition recommendations in these. However, if I share this information with people less well informed than myself they may be surprised to know how we are consuming huge amounts of addend sugar without even knowing since the added sugar is hidden if food labels. But what would probably be more shocking for them would be to know that food and beverages manufacturers want Americans to keep consuming large amounts and their campaigns to obscure scientific evidence about the negative effects of  the consumption of added sugar.


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