Pharmaceuticals Prompt 2

On the FDA website I found that some of the information was consumer friendly while other information was not. The first link I clicked on was the getting consumer input link. That took me to a section that discussed why listening to the consumer is important. It also stated that “This site was developed as a collaborative effort between FDA and EthicAd to educate consumers about DTC prescription drug advertisements”. I believe that this is a good start to being more consumer friendly. However, I know that not all people have the same education level or understanding of health terminology which can limit how well someone understands what is said during drug advertisement. The website also had a question tab for frequently asked questions about the FDA and its regulations which I believe would be very helpful for someone that may not have the same knowledge of health and medication as a more health educated person.

 Consumers are still at risk for many reasons. They may not understand their own health and believe an advertised medication may help them but in reality it could harm them. I also believe that the lack of education I discussed earlier is a huge danger to people. The long lists of possible side effects are daunting and can frighten people away from medication that could help them. Many of them do not understand that the drastic side effects have only occurred in such a minuscule percentage that the likelihood of it happening to them is next to none but companies are required to put all known side effects in the open.

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