Glossary Post #3

Being in class has opened my eyes to this new world of “consumers”. Now, this is not a new word to my vocabulary bank, but it does have a new meaning. Before now I didn’t really consider myself a consumer. I didn’t really consider myself much of anything. Now this idea of consumerism has been placed inside of my head, I think about it often. I consider if there is actually any consumer protection measures that are taken to ensure that consumers are not being bamboozled into buying useless products or being lied to. Laws have been implemented, but are these laws actually held up and honored the way they should be? Lets take food for example. Who protects consumers from eating fatty foods that are advertised as healthy? The USDA is there to ensure that companies are meeting standards and upholding said standards. These come in many forms of tests, product advertising, and ensuring that the truth is followed through. Without the USDA breathing down the neck of the companies that are handling the food that, we consumers, eat on a regular basis, who knows what it would be like. These consumer protective measures are implemented because it is what is deserved to the consumers themselves. We deserve the protection and the truth from the companies that are attempting to sell us something. It is not fair, ethical, or right to lie to the consumer. It is also the consumers job to be researching on their own time because although the USDA and other laws state that companies need to be truthful, there are many loop holes and although these companies are stating the truth, it may not be the whole truth or it is some version of the truth. Consumer protection is also up to the consumer themselves.

Consumer: “Economics. a person or organization that uses a commodity or service” Protection: “a thing, person, or group that protects

Standard: “something considered by an authority or by general consent as a basis of comparison; an approved model.”

USDA: United States Department of Agriculture (n.d.). Retrieved November 19, 2017, from

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