Illness & Mortality

Making the best choice for a loved one because they’re aging or sick is hard. We have to look for the best places that our loved one can go for senior assisted care living or best place to take them when they’re sick. During this time, it is hard to find the best resources because death or sickness can be sudden sometimes.  If we do not know much about the many options we have, we might make a poor choice. Doing a bit of research before the time comes can be helpful. Being informed on many options is helpful when those times come in our way.

I found this web called Aging & Long Term Care of Eastern Washington. What I found most immediately helpful is that the website have a lot of common questions to click on if someone wants to know the answers. For instance, it has questions that many consumers would like to know. One of the questions it has there is “what kinds of services are available for seniors and people with disabilities?” In addition, there are other questions answered that many people have.

What lead to more questions than answers was about their medical insurance. When I clicked on where it said “medical insurance”, I was a bit confuse what SHIBA was. There was some information about SHIBA; however, I was not quite sure what SHIBA was as I have never heard of it. I had more questions about what exactly it was so I did a bit of research on my own. I found out a lot more information about this program once I searched. Other than having more questions about SHIBA from a first glance, I found this website somewhat useful. My suggestion to people would be to look somewhere else if the website was not useful or if it was useful but they just have more questions about the program. I suggest to do research if there are questions they want answered.

“Aging, disabled, Medicaid, applications, help, information, disabilities.” Aging and Long Term Care of Eastern Washington,


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