Illness & Mortality #1

 It would never be easy to have to learn more about the services offered for your loved ones as aging go the best of them. But when the time comes it would be best to be well prepared and informed about the services and programs that are available to give your loved one an easy, comfortable living situation. I read up on a few pages from the WA state social services on elderly care. It was laid out very well in the sense that it was clear and concise about the services provided and it even talked about how to pay for these services. The payment part is where I initially had the most questions, but it was covered as I read. If I were to be looking for services for my loved on, this would be a good place for me to start. It provides a basic overview of what types of care are out there and what it entails. That was awesome. What was confusing was, it didn’t talk about all the places that each service was available. It spoke briefly about if you lived in King county you could be apart of the PACE program, but what about those in Pierce county? Is there a service similar to that provided or would my loved one need to move to King county? It spoke about the option for long term care homes, in home care, just daily nurse visits, etc. and it talked about needing to pick to specific company that takes Medicaid if using state funds, what companies are included? Where should I go to look and how do I know I am putting my loved one in the best possible care option? Being a state website it could have touched more on that to create a better direction to start looking. With that being the case, I think it would be wise to take to Google and start doing some research about the home options available to you. This could open up the entire world of care and give a great direction to the best care.

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