Illness and Mortality Prompts/Prompt One

If I was looking for a long-term care for an older member in our family, someone who needs around the clock care, then I would definitely review this following site and go visit a few places to see which one is the ideal place.    It really depends on the elder’s health condition.  I find the following website to be very helpful.  It has a table of contents, summary on each page, and it mentions how family should be involved.  It has tons of information on housing, insurance, personal assistance, transportation, counseling, etc.    This website has 82 pages in total for information regarding long-term care.

I think what may not be so helpful are all the costs that this helpful website is not able to provide as it is providing consumers various information on all topics including hospice.  They provide websites and phone numbers so you will have to do plenty of finding out before placing a loved one in a long-term care if a family member is unable to take care of them.



You can find out great deal of information from DSHS website but not sure if it is only for Medicaid patients.    However,  the following link is for people who are on Medicare:

So the above link to Medicare/alternative site says the following:

Alternatives to nursing homes

“Before you make any decisions about long term care, get as much information as you can about where you might live and what help you may need. A nursing home may not be your only choice. Discharge planners and social workers in hospitals, nursing homes, and home health agencies can explain your options and help arrange your care.

Find agencies in your state and community that can help with long-term care choices.

Note: If you have limited income and resources, there may be state programs that help cover some of your costs in some of these long-term care choices mentioned here. Call your State Medical Assistance Office – Opens in a new window.”  This is where DSHS could be used.

People can also visit different retirement communities, get in home care and still be fairly independent, live with family if possible and this would be the best.   You are not supposed to stick your family members in a nursing home in many cultures.   It is considered to be selfish as you are here because of them so you have to take care of them somehow.




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