PhotoVoice Part One

For my PhotoVoice project I will be attempting to answer the questions “Do I really know what I need to make a healthy choice?”, “How healthy is it?”, and “Why is it so difficult to be healthy/easy to be unhealthy?”. An idea that I had for this was to go around to three fast food companies and ask to see their nutritional facts menu. I am planning to go to McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, and Taco Bell. I will be able to see how readily available the nutritional facts are and how many nutritional facts are provided for what items on the menu. This should allow me to find out if I know all the information that I need to make a healthy choice and to find out how healthy different fast food actually is. Also, based on how readily available this nutritional information is I will be able to judge why it is so difficult to be healthy as a college kid on a budget. I will post pictures of the nutritional fact sheets and possibly short videos timing how long it took the fast food chain to get me these sheets. Then I plan to post pictures of some of the healthiest and unhealthiest foods on the menu to get a sense of what they look like and how looks of food can be deceiving.

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