Illness and Mortality Prompt 1

When reading the article “California Hospitals Lose Ground In Quality Of Care, Report Card Shows,” it provides some good information. The immediate thing that I saw that was helpful was the fact that they provided a report card of several hospitals in the state of California. This was to show how well they take care of their patients and to prevent further harm to come to them. What makes me wonder is how do they grade these hospitals. Jan Emerson-Shea, who is the Spokeswoman for the California Hospital Association says, “While these scorecards often serve as a good starting point for patients to ask questions of their health-care provider, they should not be viewed as being a definitive source for determining the quality of care provided by any hospital.” This makes me wonder what the criteria is for grading hospitals. I would advise people to look further into how these hospitals are graded. I would also look an unbiased government or organization website that people can check out for themselves. This will help those decide what is the best care for their loved ones and not worry about making things worse.

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