Food Prompt 2

Reading this article about moderation made me realize the lack of nutritional understanding. I very much see myself in the example from the article about moderation. But not because I treat myself everyday, which I don’t but in the way that I would see that as moderation, except for the wine night because I rarely drink. But I am also someone that grew up constantly put on diets by my parents. The summer between fifth and sixth grade I was sent to fitness camps. That’s just a nice way of saying fat camp. I have always had to be so careful about what I choose to eat and how that what I choose affects my body but right now in my life I have so many more important things than worrying about restricting myself when someone brings something to the office or my roommate makes cookies. I’ve spent 75% of my life living that way and it sucks to be honest. It really does. But that doesn’t mean I only eat unhealthy foods, in reality I love to cook fresh vegetables, proteins, and keep my carb intake low. To me, that is moderation. Moderation is portion sizes and not always having a sweet snack on hand at home or at work. But everyone sees moderation differently which is where we hit the nutritional understanding snag. Not everyone sees or understands moderation the same way and as people working in public health, judging those who do not know or understand it the way we do is the opposite of our job.

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