Food Prompt #2

Well, after reading this, my reaction is, I absolutely do this. Without any doubt, I am one of those people who say “if I eat good this week, I can eat the cupcakes at the party this weekend”. My other reaction is, I couldn’t agree more with him. I have no idea where this idea of “I ate salad for lunch, I can eat the cookies with dinner” in any way makes up for eating the salad. Regardless, because it is an expectation for our bodies, that salad should be eaten. So, yes, I am practicing meaningless moderation. Honestly, after reading this and according to Jonathan Ross, I am not practicing any form of moderation. Simple indulgence. A few lines in this article really stood out to me. “Healthy food should be our normal. It’s not super; it is what is expected.” This really stood out to me because I have fallen for that also. This idea that I am eating superfoods and I am so healthy for doing it and yay me! But he is absolutely right. Yes, some foods are going to hold more nutritional value than others, but regardless, it is still food that your body expects to consume because of the way our babies are created. Another line that stood out to me was “If you -eat a healthful food, you are getting more healthful – you are neither a good nor bad person”. I loved this one also, because more than not people have this idea of “I’ve been good, just one bite of” whatever it is. I too do this. Realizing and understanding that this is actually pretty common doesn’t make me feel so bad and the next step I would be taking would be education, education, education! Open more doors to knowledge so I can learn about the foods around me and the concepts that cause people like me to think that food is a reward, more than a source of body health. With my knowledge I can live that way and then teach those around me of my findings and hopefully people close to me would follow my example and live the same way. This creates smarter and healthier consumers, which is exactly what the world needs.

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