Food Prompt # 2

The article, “Why “Everything in Moderation” Doesn’t Work” by Jonathan Ross, is a very thought-provoking article. It details the flaws behind the oversimplification of moderation, how that issue affects our relationship with food, and the false nature of the term superfood. This article hit rather close to home for me, my fiancé was recently diagnosed with diabetes during a recent hospital stay and we have been attending diabetes courses to understand what exactly this means for him. The two instructors are a dietician and a nutritionist, and the one thing that they repeat to everyone, multiple times, is that they can eat anything they want as long as it is in moderation. I had never thought too much on this term, just went with the general idea of not eating an excess of anything. I am guilty of thinking of food in terms of good or bad choices, many consumers are these days, but that thinking is flawed. Categorizing food as good or bad can cultivate an unhealthy relationship with food that does us more harm than good as consumers. Since my fiancé was diagnosed we have been watching our nutritional intake very carefully and trying to pursue a healthier lifestyle. The proposed diet is something that I could not see myself doing. I like to eat healthy foods, I have gotten used to it and whenever I eat unhealthy or heavy greasy food I end up feeling sick. I would say that my definition of moderation does need some work though, I do not think I am at risk of chronic disease, but it is very easy to head in that direction. Consumers are constantly bombarded with ads centered around junk food and it is very easy to rationalize moderation to oneself as the article demonstrates. I plan to pursue this aspect of consumer health further as it could be beneficial for not only myself, but also for my fiancé. I believe the best place to start would be to keep a food journal for myself and see exactly what I am eating everyday as this will allow me to monitor if I am actually practicing moderation in a healthy form or not.

1 thought on “Food Prompt # 2

  1. From reading this contribution I learned about you! I am sorry to hear (read) that your fiancé has been diagnosed with diabetes. I can say though that it is not a life sentence, as my grandfather changed his life and rid himself of his diabetes. It would be good for another person with diabetes to read this contribution because you did a great job at summarizing the article, which I think is a great one. But you did a good enough job and explaining what was said that in reality, if someone just read this they would be up to speed on the article. It would also be good because your positive words and steps for a new direction in life are positive and I am sure would make anyone feel good. The strongest part of this contribution was your ability to apply the article to your real life. You did significantly well at referring to both the article to explain your thinking and reasoning. Very well done! The weakest part of this contribution was, you gave a good change for your life, but you didn’t go into much about why this would be a good route for you to take and what types of changes you would have to do to make this happen. I think if you did that it would have provided great advice to those reading. The part in this contribution that I had to reread to understand was line 14, “The proposed diet is something that I could not see myself doing. I like to eat healthy foods, I have gotten used to it and whenever I eat unhealthy or heavy greasy food I end up feeling sick.” I was hung up on this slightly because I was not sure what you were referring to, so when I checked back in the article I am assuming you were talking about the 7 day menu that was talked about on the first page. One part of your contribution that made me want to learn more was the simple fact that your fiancé has diabetes. I wanted to learn more about the topic because until you meet (or read, in this case) about an actual person living that life, it really is just a discussion. It doesn’t become real until it is real, right in your face. On a scale of 1-4, I would absolutely give this contribution a 4! You did an awesome job at explaining and giving your own personal feedback to make this contribution much easier and more fun to read. Great job!


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