Food Prompt 2

When reading the article about moderation, my first reaction was that moderation is definitely not having only one doughnut a week but having other sugary, junky foods the other days. Yes, maybe people feel good about only having one doughnut but that doesn’t make it moderation.

I definitely do not see myself in the example of the”not-very moderate week that ‘feels’ moderate” either. I do enjoy having somewhat of a sugary snack every once and awhile, like a cookie. But I do not treat myself every day of the week.

In my daily diet, I try my best to eat my greens and protein, while having little snacks throughout the day. In some cases, I do practice the “somewhat moderation” though as well. Nobody is perfect and we can’t always be healthy. Most of the time though I do eat healthy, because quite frequently whenever I do eat unhealthy foods I just feel sick and weak. So it is always good to make sure that we eat healthy foods and foods that will give us energy.

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