On Food

Prompt Two
This article definitely hit home. I am one of those people who practices ‘moderation’ and says ‘everything in moderation’. I laughed a little when I read that because of how relatable it was. After reading the example of a not-very-moderate food week that feels moderate, I was able to identify with it. What I thought was ‘healthy’ and ‘harmless’ could actually be killing me. Here’s an example of my last week (dinner only)….

Monday: Grilled steak salad with lemon garlic vinaigrette – glass of water (salad…water = healthy)

Tuesday: I made some homemade general chicken tso with steamed vegetables and some white rice, for dessert: 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream.

Wednesday: Grilled steak salad with lemon garlic vinaigrette (again) – 2 glasses of organic watermelon cucumber lemonade (salad + organic juice = healthy right?) dessert: bowl of nacho cheese Doritos with cheese dip….

Thursday: Oven baked frozen stuffed crust pizza with a glass of Dr. Pepper and 1 serving of doritos.

Friday: Vegetable spaghetti and ground turkey with meat sauce a Pepsi.

While this is only Monday through Friday, I thought I was making healthy dinner decisions but the simple fact that I drank soda instead of water or had a ‘dessert’ made my clean eating not so clean. I didn’t realize it then but now when I was trying to remember exactly what I had for dinner I was almost ashamed that I had so many chips in over the course of 5 days.

My next step is to start becoming more aware of what I’m putting into my body so that I’m not counteracting all of my better habits. I use to use an app called MyFitnessPal which basically counted my calories and daily exercise, but after moving away from home I was so overwhelmed with being alone for the first time and having to cook for myself rather than eating a cup of noodles every day that I stopped logging my meals. I also plan to drift away from the ‘occasional’ soda and instead of eating chips, have some healthy popcorn or even cashews or almonds (nuts).

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