Long-term Care for Loved Ones

I discovered a website created by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services to be extremely helpful when looking for health care. Almost all the information someone would be looking for can be found here. It is a decently short one paged website with many links to different pages that are useful as well, providing extra information one is looking for. DSHS cuts straight to the point, with no extra’s that tend to confuse consumers. The links are provided so that if a certain facility sparks one’s interest, they can travel to the cite and learn more about it.

When I first entered this page, it clearly stated that people using state funds (Medicaid) to pay for their care need to be looking for facilities licensed by Washington state that accepts Medicaid payments. Under that is a list of long-term care state license facilities and non-state licensed facilities. DSHS describes more in detail nursing homes, adult family homes, assisted living facilities and the non-state licensed facilities which include, retirement communities/independent living and continuing care retirement facilities.

I would suggest this as a place to start for those who are looking at facilities to send their loved ones for extra care. This offers important information as well as the important links that lead to more extensive information. DSHS provides an exceptional place to start when beginning this research process for the elderly in your life. It is clear that not everything is provided, and more research will need to be conducted however, the information is true and pure as well as extremely helpful for families.

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