Glossary Building 3

This week we talked a lot about food and certain aspects of nutrition. I was reading through the material that Dr. Pearson provided to us, as well as finding some interesting articles of my own. I am such a foodie myself that I found this topic extremely interesting. I have been reading nutrition blogs for quite some time now and it is amazing to see all the different opinions people have. The even stranger thing is that each opinion is backed up by different scientific facts.

I decided that I wanted to find specific words many people see on a daily basis but likely are not aware of the definition. Throughout my readings I found three that I thought should be brought to peoples attention. Those three are: hydrogenated, micronutrients and protein quality. I am going to do my best to explain these words in my own understanding without the tricky language a dictionary often provides. Hydrogenated is a fancy term for adding hydrogen to something. In the food world, many oils are hydrogenated which helps make them a solid so that they are more shelf stable. In other words, stay away from hydrogenated oils!! Now, since it is all the rave right now, I am fairly certain many of you have heard of the term macronutrients. A lot of people have decided that it is a good idea to start counting “Macros” as a new diet fad. But the more important term, in my opinion, is micronutrients. These are the tiny vitamins and minerals our bodies need to function. They are called “micro” nutrients because our bodies need them in such small amounts that it is hard to see. However, they are extremely vital to our health. And lastly, lets talk about protein quality. This is basically exactly what it sounds like, the quality of a certain protein. And no, I’m not going to discuss certain protein powders to consume after your workout. A food with high protein quality just determines how bioavailable it is, how well your body will absorb the nutrients. A great example of this is eggs. Eggs have a high bioavailability and also a high protein quality, our bodies tend to absorb them very well. Now that we have a basic understanding of these terms, let look at how the dictionary defines them.


Hydrogenated: to combine or treat with hydrogen, especially to add hydrogen to themolecule of (an unsaturated organic compound).

Micronutrients: an essential nutrient, as a trace mineral or vitamin, that is requiredby an organism in minute amounts.

Protein quality: the digestibility and quantity of essential amino acids for providing the proteins in correct ratios for human consumption.

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