Daily Archives: November 4, 2017

Glossary Post 2

Reading through the Early Life Matter’s readings, one of the new things I learned that stuck out to me was about the cord blood controversy. Cord blood is a source of stem cells from the blood of the umbilical cord. You would think that saving a newborn’s cord blood would be beneficial to them in the future because of the stem cells, but it most likely wouldn’t be because those cells could carry the same genetic defect that you are trying to treat. Most of the time, cord blood does not carry enough stem cells for it to be usable.

VBAC was also a new term to me, which is vaginal birth after cesarean. In some areas, women are not allowed to have a vaginal birth if their previous was a cesarean. Some doctors believe that there are risks involved with it, even though it’s still found safe to do. I have never heard of this issue in hospitals because I always thought that women had the option of what to do, as long as it wasn’t harmful to them or their baby.

The student loan elimination scam is when companies ask for money from students, making them think that it will help eliminate their loan debt. The money they ask from you is like a settlement, but they never work which makes it a scam. I thought this was interesting and relatable because this could happen to some of us after graduating.