Does moderation work?

My reaction to this article was kind of shocking. Although, I was not completely shocked. I think that it is true what the author said about moderation and that it does not work; however, I do disagree with him about that it does not work at all. He seems to be saying that it does not work at all. In my opinion, I think that moderation does not always work for everybody because people feel differently everyday. Sometimes they may be dealings with different emotions and might eat a lot; therefore, I don’t think moderation always work for everyone. So, I think that moderation can work if people really want it to work. Practicing moderation can take time to get used to; it is not easy for people who just eat whatever they desire.

When people eat healthy food, they feel like they have earned the right to eat unhealthy food according to the article. I feel that this is the way for most people. I heard a lot of my friends saying something like, “I had a salad for lunch so I’m going all out” or something similar. It is unhealthy to do this according to the article; I agree because if people keep treating themselves with all the junk food then they’re not practicing moderation and it will harm their health. If people want to practice moderation, it should be controlled and in a more healthy and safe way.

For the not-very-moderate food week, I kind of see myself in it because sometimes I just eat whatever I want. There are days when I just want to eat something. To be honest, I do not watch out what I eat often. And I should watch out what food I choose to eat. And yes, I am practicing somewhat meaningless “moderation” because sometimes I just feel like I deserve food I shouldn’t eat like junk food. Practicing somewhat meaningless moderation can somewhat increase my risk of chronic, diet-related disease. I would say that if people want to practice moderation, it should be practiced safely because it can lead to health problems if they do not watch out what they’re putting into their bodies.

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