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Glossary Building 4

When it comes to the three words for glossary building, I feel allergens was a good fit. Allergens can be a variety of things. Seasonally, fabrics, and foods are just a few examples. When we look at consumer health, these examples are perfect to reference. Many people have allergies and being conscious on what you purchase can prevent a reaction.


Viruses are cell based host and have no antibiotics for them. In consumer health, we need to be able to learn how to prevent ourselves from catching a virus and how to not spread it to help others. Bacteria is a microorganism, which can be received from food that isn’t cooked properly. Another is through eating meals raw. We can still eat certain meals like sourdough bread that must build bacteria to have that tangy taste to it.

  • Allergens
  • Virus
  • bacteria

Glossary Building 3

When we look at these three words, I believe they are perfect for consumer health. When we look at bankruptcy, it is a scary word, and a term you do not want to use or have applied to your life. Bankruptcy is applied to consumer health because if a person needs to pay for surgeries, medication, or anything else health related, and they have declared bankruptcy, then it would be difficult for them to pay off their bills, or to acquire any medication. Bankruptcy heavily limits people. Intersection is a term that can describes the status of an individual.

An example of intersection would be a poor gay white man.  Intersection can be applied to consumer health because a lower-income level person would perhaps have a much difficult time paying off their bills or paying for services that a person of a higher-level income. Another term that may be useful to consumers is predatory lending. Sellers take advantage that people need to pay for medicine, treatment, or anything else health related, but are unable to pay for it. So, sellers loan these people money but the catch is that they must obviously return the money, but the interest rate is extremely high.


  • Bankruptcy
  • Intersection
  • predatory lending


Challenge: Random Act of Kindness (for three days)

I took on this challenge because this is is something I do every day because I too agree that people deserve to be complimented on anything that stands out to the people around them. Compliments also make people feel noticed and valued so I think that randomly giving them to people  can make a huge difference. I will continue to do this every day because I believe that the slightest act of kindness can make a difference in someone else’s life and that is something that I strive for every day.

Here are the things I did over the last three days:

Day 1: I sent a good morning text to one of my friends who I know is going through some rough times right now and they had responded a few hours later saying that my little message had made their morning better. And I have been doing this since I became friends with this person because every day is a different situation for them and I want them to have a good start to their day.

Day 2: For Haloween, I went out with some of my girl friends and at the bar that we were at – there a bunch of people in costumes. I complimented every girl that I saw who was with her friends or by herself and they all responded in shock and then thanked me. I think that woman always look to get affirmations from men and always forget that other woman can be and are genuine as well with what they say.

Day 3 (today): I told my coworker that I was proud of her for accomplishing a project that she had been working on for a very long time and it was very difficult. She went silent and then smiled and thanked me and said “that really means a lot.” She was doubted a lot as a child and by her peers so I think that telling her that I was proud of her meant a lot.